Friday, May 21, 2004

First time

Well inspired by my lovely and dearest friend Erin, I am going to trying blogging just for kicks. I doubt it will come out as eloquently as Erin's does but maybe with time it will not be dull and mundane as I suspect it will.

I realize that I don't have much worth writing about. My daily struggles range from cleaning house, patience with my toddler, and generally staying in a good mood. I have a tendency to get depressed, especially when I feel someone important to me may think badly of me. I am usually wrong and I only write about it to better sort it out in my head. I also get a little depressed when my husband leaves for his work (3 days at a time) and I am single parenting without a car. I am trapped in the house for 3 days. Some can do this, I can not I have discovered but there are no means to remedy the situation, at least not in the short term.

We are in middle of purchasing a house and are far from closing. This is our first experience and it has been God directed from step one. I feel very blessed to be able to buy a house. However, my family has managed to screw it up for me emotionally, as usual.

Oh well, more on them later. That would take too much time and nap time is very short.
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