Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thankful Thursday

Rejoice in the Lord always. Again I will say rejoice. Philipians 4:4


DSC00444I am thankful for this Lady (on the right).  I am thankful for a God who answers a prayer spoken over 10 years ago.  I am thankful and in awe of finding her next door to a rent house we picked online with a 2 week notice to move. I am thankful for a new skill I can use to bless others even if they use it for car tracks. 

A skill that requires I spend large amounts of time with DSC01070these two ladies (above) who understand my fabric addiction.  Ladies who understand that I have 6 projects going on and I still bought fabric for another (isn’t it lovely? Antique Fair from Moda).

Ladies who understand that there are days when my points will never match.  Days when I will lose my scissors even though they are tied to me.  Who love me enough to give me a quilting timeout to collect myself.

So, thank you ladies.  See you tomorrow.  I promise to have my blocks ready if not I will give you cheesecake to distract you.

Linked up today over at Thankful Thursday. Thanks for the idea Kathryn!

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Works For Me Wednesday–Pine Shelves

Williams&Sonoma.pineshelvesI love these shelves.  Currently they hold toys in one of the boy’s rooms.  They are 10 years old and show no sign of wearing out.

I purchased them at Williams & Sonoma in 2001 for storage in my home office.  When we moved they were used for a makeshift pantry in our new apartment.  Next they were used for garage storage.  After that they were used in the playroom for the same thing they are doing now. 


The shelves are adjustable too.  I can’t find them anywhere else and I would highly recommend them even though they might be more expensive.  They will certainly last.

When we put them in the playroom we bolted them to the wall.  There are 3 L-brackets on each shelf weighted at 75 lbs each.  Most full grown adults could climb one of these things.  Did I mention I have busy boys?

0305081452a 00000

3 boys, 3 moves, and countless bumps & bruises but still hangin’ on beautifully.  They SO work for me!

For more WFMW thoughts and ideas go to We Are That Family at the link below.

works for me wednesday at we are that family

Tackle It Tuesday–Healing

I got sick.  We all got the super bug and it still lingers.  I have a sinus infection and feel weak, even after a week of no fever.  I get short of breath walking to the car and shaky if I do too many chores.  My head feels like a snow globe with green icky stuff inside.  Every time I bend over or turn sideways I feel wobbly but not in a fun way.


My goal for the last few days and the rest of this week is to heal completely,  stop feeling exhausted, and get rid of all this junk in my head.

I slept in this morning.  I have increased my Vitamin C and water intake.  I still use the Netipot everyday.  Each day I feel a little better.  At this rate I will be completely healed by Easter.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monday Musings

I speak often of my enthusiasm for Mondays.  I adore the potential the week holds.

I write diligently in my planner on Mondays, detailing activities and goals.

I thought sharing on the blog might hold me more accountable to my schedules and plans.

There is already one setback already lurking in the shadows.  I am still struggling to break free from this super bug.  A sinus infection has set in and I feel short of breath still.  And frankly I am exhausted from normal chores.  There are a few cases of pneumonia floating around our church that have me concerned.  I wonder if I am ignoring the obvious and should make the trip to the clinic.

So this week’s goals

#1 – more Vitamin C and lots more water

#2 – go to bed early (at least by 10 pm)

#3 – no eating out (happens a lot when I am too sick to cook)

#4 – work at least one hour/day on organizing biz

#5 – make table cloth for school room table

#6 – make a triple chocolate cheesecake!

I have a few appointments and events as well.  And still lots to blog about waiting on the back burner.  Time has been the issue as usual and cute little boys who distract me from everything.  For now I will focus on this lurking sickness.  It seems to be the biggest threat to my week.

Happy Monday!

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