Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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Facebook The Daily Spurgeon: Gradual Decline: "Remember, brethren, that decays in grace and backsliding are usually very much like the fall of the autumn leaves. You are watching the trees, forever now they are beginning to indicate the coining fall. They evidently know that their verdant robes are to be stripped from them, for they are casting off their first loose vestments. How slowly the time of the brown leaf comes on! You notice here and there a tinge of the copper hue, and anon the gold leaf or the bronze is apparent. Week after week you observe that the general fall of the leaves is drawing nearer, but it is a matter that creeps slowly on. And so with backsliders. They are not put out of the visible church all at once, they do not become open offenders all at once. The heart by slow degrees turns aside from the living God, and then at last comes the outward sin and the outward shame. God save us from falling by little and little! The devil’s little strokes have felled many great oaks.

From a sermon entitled 'Grey Hairs,' delivered September 13, 1868. Image by Chris Darling under Creative Commons License."

Monday, January 18, 2010

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I vacuum...

to relax. I know weird, right?  It has not always been like this but something about the humming and methodical moving of the vacuum cleaner back and forth that makes me feel better.  It also has the added benefit of getting the kids to run away.  They like to pretend they are scared of it and then find something else to do.

I woke up in what can only be explained as a "funk".  You know that unexplainable feeling of exhaustion that makes you feel like you are walking through molasses. It was Sunday and I was very grumpy, tired, and couldn't form words properly.  I needed to calm down so I got out the Dyson.  I vacuumed for 20 minutes and felt much better.  My husband, I am certain, was happy to have a functioning wife for a bit.  We made it to church on time but the funk returned later.

It is moments like this you simply have to "cowboy up" because whining doesn't help.  Your small children don't understand that you feel awful nor do they care.  Now I didn't fly through the day.  I am not that good of a cowboy.  I did feed them and get the important stuff done.  I finally felt better around 10 pm at which point I talked my husband into playing Wii Golf.  It is our version of spending time together which I find more fun than watching a movie.  This way we are actually talking even if it is trash talk about how much better I am at Wii Golf than he is.  He stayed up later to do training events so it won't happen again.  I thought that might be the end of my brief golf championship status.
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