Friday, January 21, 2011

The disruptions

I like things quiet. A smooth even day warms my heart. At the end of those days when all is as you think it should be I wonder how can I make this happen again.

What I hate about most days are the disruptions and annoyances that throw me off task. When the boys won't respond to my requests or the phone rings too many times I get impatient and angry. When it takes me an hour to finish one email and I forgot the laundry sitting in the washer yet again because I was cleaning the mess off the carpet. Those are the days when things are not going MY WAY.

Now you ask, what is wrong with that? It seems obvious doesn't it. I am not getting MY WAY. I don't get what I want and I might as well stomp my feet like the child I am on the inside.

Oh, that is what is wrong with that! It has taken me, ahem, many years to learn the lesson that things will not go my way. And can we all say a great AMEN for that?!
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