Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I love my kids

I have always thought my boys were brilliant. I once spoke to a homeschooling mom who runs a curriculum business which is great, she also has 3 grown boys. I was describing my oldest to her and how difficult I found it to teach him because he was so fast. She told me many helpful things because she had one son who was very similar, but what stuck in my head the most was this statement. "They make wonderful adults."

My oldest is now 7 and absorbs many things, but rarely what I want him to learn. His best subject is not even a subject. He is a geogprahy whiz thanks to our SmartGlobe. If you don't have one for your kids you should. It is really amazing.

When DH's youngest brother, who is in medical school, visited a few months ago he was amazed at the oldest's ability to locate places and asked him to do it over and over again. Early one morning they were competing with one of the games where you find places as fast as you can in a certain amount of time. The 7 year old beat the med student. Good thing he just needs to know anatomy.

In fact he asked my son so often to repeat things from the globe he was finally told, "You really need to get a SmartGlobe". I love my kids! They can always make me laugh.

An Icky Tuesday

I know I have not posted in awhile as things change so quickly around here. I am attempting a few new things. I ordered an all natural weight loss supplement because the baby weight, now 3 years old, will still not come off. Granted I have not tried that hard but I have rarely tried that hard in the past and it usually comes off by itself. I will blame the Army like I do for most things these days! Hahahaha!!!!

That would be great to lay blame at another's feet, sadly it is my own fault I am certain. I will let you know how it goes. It isn't a stimulant but helps increase energy and regulate stress hormones which seem to be running rampant in me as DH brings home news of one more thing for him leave for weeks or months on end. So maybe it is a little the Army's fault. When I get stressed I hang on to every last cell like a squirrel storing nuts for the winter. I am surprised my cheeks don't puff up like I am hiding nuts!

Today is gray with a chance of snow and I am fighting off a little cold. No fever just tons of drainage that makes my head spin. Just enough to cancel appointments and slow me down.

I will start quilting again next week and have a great shopping day planned for Saturday that will include quilt shops and a delicious lunch. Plenty of reason to up my Vitamin C and focus on getting well. I love quilt shops.
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