Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A new mission

Well, we have a new mission. This one includes the family I fear. DH is on "standby" of sorts. I don't really think about it daily but I am reminded in tiny moments that he could be swept away with a phone call.

Our marriage has never been typical. Our home life is always different. I think I resent that at times and other times I relish in it. This mission is no different.

Either way it is reality, and one I cannot change. So I will add this to my list of prayer requests and go on as all good army wives do. Or more importantly I will remain thankful for each moment and not complain about the things I do not have. I will pray for a contented heart and find joy even in my trials.

That is so much easier to type than do.

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Am I sick...

or just getting old?

I woke up 3 hours past my normal wake up time. I just couldn't get my eyes to open or remember why I needed to get up. It was strange. I wonder if this is what getting "old" feels like. Perhaps 80 or 90 but I really hope I am just sick.

My boys have gotten good at playing quietly so morning chores can be delayed so the alarm systen I am used to is starting to fail.

The two little ones are just sick and act how I feel. So maybe I caught it from them. Please let this runny nose, congestion, headache, and lethargy be a cold! Because it too shall pass.
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