Monday, May 24, 2004

Hello again

Okay, today is an extra long nap so I am going to try to get a little more done. The house thing is still moving slowly and things still are overwhelming. Everytime I turn around there is something else to be done and I don't know how to get it accomplished. Of course when there is something else it inevitably means an argument with the DH (dear Husband). Everytime we argue we realize we are just stressed and taking it out on the other. I don't know why we can't stop our selves, but we are getting better at saying we are sorry.

My latest goal, other than the twenty things I already have going on, is to work on not saying bad things about my DH. It is difficult because it seems to be a socially reinforced form of communicating with other women. It is also difficult to distinguish between venting (which is necessary) and disparaging remarks. After venting about my DH and hearing about other DH, I feel less alone or as if my DH is completely weird and needs therapy. He is just like all the other DHs out there. In turn I am less hard on him regarding little things, so it ultimately helps.

My sister has the best story on why you should watch what you say about your DH. She was complaining about an isolated incident when her DH was being stubborn and a little hard headed. She complained a few times to one person at church, but this being all the individaul heard about the DH she assumed he was like that all the time. The friend then seriously inquired about my sister's treatment, implying spousal abuse. My sister quickly explained and they laughed giving my brother-in-law the nickname Hitler. It is only funny because he is the exact opposite. However, it was a great lesson on watching what you say.

Well, out of stuff to say. Some more tomorrow!!!!!!

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  1. Hi, Kenna. I'm so glad you are blogging!

    Your comment about disparaging comments is a good one, and not only about one's husband. There is a fine line between gossip and discussing a third person in order to work out a real problem that needs to be resolved.

    I'll check back soon, and when I update my sidebar, I'll add your blog to the list (unless you are trying to stay more anonymous)



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