Monday, April 05, 2010

What to pack?

Well I leave for a trip on Thursday for Texas. I am going to my hometown where all my immediate family resides. I have 4 siblings so for them all to have remained or returned to the place of our upbringing is quite unusual. Nonetheless there they all are so I am off for a visit.

I leave behind all my sweet boys and my dear husband. He very gracious took leave to stay home with the boys while I trek to Texas for 9 days. There were many things to decided leading up to this trip, most seemed out of my control. So I go for 9 providential days of family time and visits. I have older relatives to visit, some documenting of quilts, and perhaps a little fabric shopping.

As any good quilter knows, no matter where you are you must visit the local fabric shop. It has been quite awhile since I have been home and without kids in tow I have ample time to browse the quilt shop and enjoy the local amenities.

Although I grew up there much has changed. It is a small town but I have been "out" of town for quite some time. I usually come to see family and do nothing else. This trip offers a rare opportunity to explore, visit, and take in the town.

I have never been away from my boys for more than one night except to have another one or when our DS2 was hospitalized at 8 months old. Even then I saw my oldest everyday when he visited, and I was pregnant with DS3. I am well aware that I will suffer more than my husband and sons. My plan is to keep myself VERY busy so I won't miss them as much. Also, prayer, there will be lots of prayer.

Now I must decide what to pack. So much extra room when you are only packing for one. So many decisions! Do I bring that quilt I want to start or do I wait and use the extra space for supplies? Do I bring the 9 patch to work on at my Aunt's house with the fancy sewing machines or do I buy some new fabric and cut up those fat quarters? Oh I will throw in some clothing too, eventually.

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  1. Hope you will have a GREAT time! Although, you will be greatly missed. Save room for supplies...that gets my vote! You can always work on the quilts another time...but what if you find beautiful fabric you haven't seen anywhere else? Just a thought!



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