Saturday, June 19, 2010

Posting Paradise

The freedom of the blog post is truly a release I finally realized. After being mommed, pulled, yanked, and shot (with toys) pulling your brain out of that fog enough to form sentences is heaven.

Tonight it took almost 2 hours of reading other fantastically creative blogs, new quilt patterns, new fabrics, and funny stories of other moms who are also shot at with toys frequently throughout the day.

I have to say what finally yanked me to reality was the post about a quilter's block tool that is an iPhone or iTouch app, or and iPad that I have started to desire for no other reason that it looks like so much efficient terrific fun that I could make a special pretty case for and carry with me. The app can take a preloaded block and tell you what and how to cut the fabric and how much you need for each different block, even if you change the size of the block. I almost fell out of my chair. Such genius and portable on a wonderful iPad.

Well, now that I am aware and awake I noticed the dogs need to be fed. They are circling my chair. Thank you other bloggers for the creative boost. I just might make it to bed on time after all.

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