Friday, January 28, 2011

Decisions, decisions

Okay, while I have many other things to do it is time for my weekly quilt "class". I really don't know why we still call it a class. We try to meet every week, but often reschedule, and just keep going. There is no end which is fabulous.

I adore my classmates and our teacher is a wealth of information. The problem is my ability to stay on task, to stay focused on one project and to stay OUT of the fabric store.

Well today I have approximately 2 hours before they arrive. I must make a decision before they get here so I can accomplish something in class today.

Here is my dilemma:
I am making 3 baby quilts (eventually) for 3 nieces. I just had the pleasure of visiting 2 of them.

The 3rd niece is one the way, due in May. Aren't they precious? They are so kissable too! Perfect and precious, which is what I get to say being the aunt who lives so far away. Nana says it too but she says that about all the grandkids.

Here are my choices. Each is easy to do and I have 1 fat quarter bundle of 40's fabric and 2 jelly rolls (see Moda Bakeshop for jelly roll explanation) to choose from. So easily I can make 3 small quilts (not crib more like 60x60) from all that. Yes, backing fabric and sashing will need to be purchased but when does it not?

These are all courtesy of Moda BakeShop Blog ( They feature some fabulous quilters and crafters using Moda fabric. I love to look at it all.

So opinions? advice? Tell me I am crazy, why would I attempt 3 quilts when I have 5 ongoing projects? It is a sickness I think. The quilting disease that all quilters get. It is wonderful.

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  1. You would not be you if you didn't start more projects when you already have five going! I say do them all...then when you want a can always just switch between projects!


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