Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Being Average

…..that is what I once wished worked for me.

I didn’t want to stand out.  I didn’t want attention.  I wanted to blend in.

I wanted to be just the right amount of helpful but not so much that it got me noticed.  I wanted to be just funny enough that someone is amused but not so much that milk came out their nose.

I want things to go smoothly.  I want no large problems.  I want to be what everyone else thinks everyone else is and they are not.

Thankfully, not one of us is that average person, are we?  You always seem like you are when I see you out at the store or church but you aren’t are you?

Good.  I thought I was the only one.

What works for me this week is being average.  Those few seconds were unexpected now back to my amazingly unusual life.  Average is overrated.

works for me wednesday at we are that family

1 comment:

  1. I have always thought you were above average my friend!


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