Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Did You Miss Me?


I missed blogging. A LOT.  Life has been happening here with much to share.  School has started for us and God has put it before me that things must change.

Not drastic things, at least not in the worldly sense.  Things according to His purpose and His plan.  Last year I tried to answer my problems my way, not His.  I overwhelmed myself and although I sustained it for awhile it eventually crushed me.

I reasoned that I was trying some things out and I was good at this or that so it was easyIMG00134-20110829-1705 to “fit” in to our lives.  My heart did not follow my head.

Now I am back where I was a year ago with the same problems but a new position. ON MY KNEES.  I am dropping some things and focusing on others.  The reward?  Peace and a joyful perspective.

So to recap a few things you missed I will share some pictures.  I also think the blog is looking a bit tired.  New colors perhaps?  I think so too.

Do these guys look bigger?  They sure do to me!

 IMG00136-20110829-1706 IMG00137-20110829-1707 IMG00139-20110829-1709



I did these for a friend.  She still has not received them yet but soon, I hope.






This is why I don’t get more projects done or blogs written.





This is why I by used furniture.






This is why my Blackberry is banned from all little boys and my camera battery is usually dead.



We are down to only 3 dogs!  I know, I know, that is till a lot to some but considering these 3 are calm and obedient it is a huge change.  I have not finished any quilts but soon I will have something to show.  I am in the process of finishing up 1, and 2 are closer than they were a month ago.  That is huge progress, for me.

Thanks for not abandoning me while my life sorted.  More later.


  1. Yes my friend I have missed you! In more ways than one though…wish I could get down there and see you soon. But, so glad to have a glimpse into your life through your blog!

    In Christ,

  2. Great to see you back, Kenna!! Blogging has been on the backburner for me too lately. Glad to hear God is working in your life and drawing you closer to Him.


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