Thursday, February 24, 2011

Super Bugs

We got sick.  It started 10 days ago with this one.


Then crept over to this one a few days later.


Next it latched onto me and the hubby.We have missed church 2 weeks in a row it moved so slow.  I am at 60% after 5 days, maybe.  The Netipot is my close BFF.

Yesterday it made its way to this one.


This is his “super sad sick face” he made for the camera.  I don’t think he understood what I wanted.

I guess it hasn’t finished because today they all took involuntary naps.  Their grumpiness got a group punishment of room time.  After 20 minutes of silence I got worried and found them passed out in bed.

Only a Super Bug can accomplish that.

1 comment:

  1. So sorry you are going through this again! I truly do know EXACTLY how you feel. Will be praying for your quick recovery!


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