Thursday, June 10, 2004


Have you ever had a dream that stayed with you throughout the day. Or one that haunted your subconscious, knawing on memories and feelings best left in the past.

I often have such dreams, usually triggered by a smell, song, or someone who looked familiar but wasn't that person. I am still uncertain as to the remedy of getting such thoughts out of my head and regaining control of my daydreams. Usually the thoughts leave after a few days, especially where ex-boyfriends are concerned. I actually avoid certain TV shows because it is too familiar and tugs too hard at my heart that was broken many years before.

As to the meaning of such dreams, I am also at a loss. Some would tell you they are the desires of the subconscious surfacing when our conscious self is asleep. Some would interpret the potential symbolism the characters in the dreams. From water representing sex to every character in the dream is you, I have heard many answers and none seem to quite fit.

My dreams are often a reflection of my day or life events. If I am frustrated with no outlet I will have dreams about my sister who frustrates me the most. She is usually doing something that she did when we were children only she is now and adult in the dream. I wake extremely angry and frustrated at her and everything around me. If I have an argument with my husband and go to bed with it unresolved, or some unreasonable expectation I have of him is not being met I will have dreams of ex-boyfriends. Although, in each of the dreams of ex-boyfriends I usually consider dating them as they try to gain my affections, but in the end I reject because I love my husband too much. I am not saying this as a representation of my love for my husband. It is simply what has happened in my dreams recently which pleases me to no end that even subconsciously I love him deeply. My favorite and most empowering dreams are those of ex-boyfriends who come back to win me over and I reject them harshly in some humiliating manner. Making them extremely distraught and wishing they had never given me up in the first place, although I usually dumped them.

So, my question to those who read this little blog of mine is: What are your most distracting dreams and how do you deal with them?

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