Tuesday, June 08, 2004

For Everything there is a season, and seasons change

CHANGE - is it easy for anyone. My dearest friend in the whole world lives a very changing life. She sets off on adventures during the summer and teaches high school students theater. A more changing career I cannot imagine. This summer as proven to be here most changing yet, she has cancer and will be undergoing surgery, chemo, and radiation. I must say she has handled the whole thing much more grace than I would ever imagine myself having, and has managed to look more fabulous than ever at the same time.

Our most recent change, along with buying our first house, occurred last week. My DH will be shipping off to some military academy school for 5 weeks. We found out Wednesday and he had to leave Sunday. Meaning I will be moving all by my little self. Of course I have done it before because he has been gone on military deployments for the last 2 moves we have done. I wonder if he doesn't plan it somehow but he is too honest to not tell me what he is done, so I must trust him.

All that being said, I often wonder how others handle change in their lives. I struggle with this often as a product of my husband's recent military adventures, our new son, and my overwhelming need to control. I get unsolicted advice from my mom and sister who both have never experienced much change or stress. Both married their high school sweetheart and continously dated them from high school until marriage. Both have lived relatively close to home, my sister leaving briefly for college but returning soon after her husband graduated. Both are extremely "well off" and have little to want for or worry about being able to pay bills. Both have been separated at most a week from their husbands. Neither have struggled with boyfriends, career goals, or juggling finances.

My other sister, a year younger than me, has experienced many hardships, maybe more than myself. (TO clarify, I have 3 sisters, one older, one a year younger, and the baby is 15, I also have one bother who is 19. He will be here after referred to as the anointed one - AO) She married young, her high school sweetheart, divorced after he cheated on her, and left her with a 2 year-old daughter. She moved to Virginia when they were first married and home when he was to get out of the Navy. He refused to come back home and shacked up with a girl. He eventually came home but only after some coaxing and they have since rectified and remarriend. They are both much wiser and it seems as if it will workout this time. It between she struggled to make ends meet, developed mild epilepsy after being exposed to mold spores, and stuggles with painful endometriosis. Her fortitude and perserverance is admirable, but consequently she is too harsh and overbearing at times. We often argue and I struggle not to resent her for reasons that I am not totally clear on.

TO BE CONTINUED.....the munchkin is awake!!!!

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