Saturday, September 05, 2009

The need to write

I know there are those that feel the need to write.  A need to get their thoughts down on paper and look over them, rewrite, enhance, and complete a product to share.  This need does not strike me often which is probably why I am not a writer by profession.  I still have no clue why I even have a desire to do this silly blog thing.  I cannot believe that there would be someone wanting to read about my intrinsically boring life.  I love my boring life for what its worth.  More specifically, I feel blessed in my boring life.  My life previously was tumultuous with no clear direction.  I welcome the routine of watching children grow and a husband get wrinkles.  I love stepping over the same lazy dog everyday and watching the my little dog grow old. 

My littlest dog is also my oldest.  She was with me through most of the ups and downs.  She has been a wonderful dog, except for the time she bit my brother's friend.  In her defense, he deserved it and practically stuck his hand in her mouth.  I still cannot tell if she bit him or if his hand got in the way of her teeth.  It was that silly of a situation.

Well, now that I updated this I will try to post pictures the next time around.  Perhaps it will be interesting to watch this grow with blog after blog.  Most likely I am guessing it will be boring to most and not worth reading.  We shall find out.

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