Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hiding in the playroom

Well, I am actually hiding in the playroom.  The older 2 are on the main computer and we recently got the laptop that is most often used for viewing netflix which is why it is in the playroom.  The baby (2 yo) watches Clues Clues and Calliou because I cut off cable over 6 months ago.  This is the laptop that has crashed twice since we got it a year ago and I consequently do not use it for anything but internet for fear of losing information, again.  The others are backed up with carbonite now that we learned our lesson, twice.

I am hiding because peace and quiet is a rare thing.  I try not to scare it away by moving things around or asking the children to get off my computer.  I know there are single women or mom's with one quiet sweet child or no children yet that think I am silly or wonder why I "allow" my children on my computer at all.  I know you are out there.  I used to be like you.  I have seen you give me that look at the grocery store when I have one boy whining in the cart and one hanging out the front while the other asks ridiculous questions I am trying to ignore.  It is in these moments I remember the phrase "choose your battles".  There are so many things in each day that require attention when your children are at home with you all the time.  I would be "battling" my children ALL DAY if I corrected everything.  I would be worthless and angry if I did that making me an unkind and unloving mom. 

So if I have to hide in the playroom for a moment of quiet or ignore my traveling circus in the grocery store just so I can get something done I will.  Because it means I still I have the energy left at the end of the day to read them books and say prayers with them.  It means I smile at dinner and laugh at their silly jokes even though I heard them 15 times already today.  Besides the playroom is not that bad if you like trucks, and I like trucks.

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  1. Makes so much sense to me :)

    I dont have a playroom but I "hide" in my garage on top of my washer and dryer. There isn't anywhere else to sit but I sit there :) Or if I need to talk on the phone privately. My kids arent allowed in the garage (its detached and on a busy street) so it buys me a few mintes :)


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