Saturday, November 07, 2009

What doesn't kill you...

makes you stronger?!  Who made this up?  This has got to be one of the most irritating statements you can make to someone in crisis.  This is one of the most irritating statements you can make to me.  What doesn't kill you makes you many things, and by default you grow stronger because you are not dead!

There are many things in the depraved sinful world that make you more mature, wise, with more highly developed defense mechanisms like sarcasm.  Is this what one would call stronger?  If that is the definition then I am a Super Hero because I am very sarcastic with a highly developed sense of distrust.  These are my instincts that have grow out of my tragedies and disappointments.  They leave me alone withy my criticism and dark nature to look at God's creation as something to be feared.

I think about this tonight as I wonder what all the military folks down at Ft. Hood are feeling and thinking.  What if that same thing happened on Post here?  How would I feel?  This event will not leave them stronger but simply traumatized.  Those who find themselves without God, without hope, without purpose, can see no greater glory in this event.  Some will see small blessings and second chances as they realize they had just been there or were running late because some fateful event stopped them.  Will they see God being glorified?  Will they praise Him in tribulation?  We are weak creatures and we are nothing without God.

Tragic events do not make us stronger.  They only illustrate our sinful foul nature.  I pray for those families tonight and for our soldiers still doing their work.  I pray they are comforted and for those who do not believe in Jesus I pray for their salvation.  Eternal hope is only found in Christ and we are no good without him, we are not strong.  Our strength is in Christ Jesus and in Him alone.

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