Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Never burn bridges....

My last few days have been a doozy. Well maybe a little bit of a doozy but it felt big to me. I squeezed it in between kids, school, church, and quilt class. It kind of fell on me at once but would not have been that bad had it not been for those folks who at times are a little crazed with life and it spills onto other things.

First it was someone in the Army life. They were having an awful week and I called, innocently asking for information, at exactly the wrong time. After some words from them (I didn't have a chance to speak) they hung up to yell at the person they were actually mad at. I was stunned a little but not hurt. I baked her some banana bread to smooth things over even though it wasn't my fault. Homemade banana bread fixes a lot of things.

The second event was from some sensitive tenants in the house we can't sell in another state. We leased it because we couldn't sell it. They wanted to buy it but have had so many financial and medical issues they can't. We have to sell. We can't afford to keep it. They refuse to show it and have delayed the process for 2 months. Texting is not a great way to communicate this type of information but they will not answer the phone. Then they called my DH mean in a text. -Sigh-

I type all this to say, never burn your bridges. You never know when you will need that person to show kindness or compassion. As a Christian I am commanded to turn the other cheek. I am also commanded to act with kindness and gentleness no matter what you have done to me. I know all people do not act this way. Not all people are Christians and not all Christians act this way all the time. Odds are they will return your spite with spite and then some.

I will speak with the Army contact later in the week when she is feeling better. Our tenants are legally bound to allow access to the house and still need a good reference from us. I don't think they remember that. You never know when you will need that bridge to still be standing, and besides mean words never help. They only make you look crazy and out of control.

I pray your bridges are still standing today. If not perhaps you need to repair them if you know how.

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