Thursday, July 15, 2010

How Do You Show Love

Recently we were memorizing/learning the verses most often used at weddings, the Love Chapter, 1 Corinthians 13. We only did verses 4 thru 7 which was plenty for the youngins'.

I always enjoy the conviction and admonition that comes to you when you are least expecting it. These verses did that to me, and they haven't stopped for over a week. I feel like someone dropped a ton of rocks on me.

I pray they are burned in my soul.
The big ones for me:

Love DOES NOT behave rudely. Ouch!

Love is NOT irritable or resentful. Double Ouch!

Love Bears all things; Believes all things; Hopes all things; Endures all things. (painful moaning) for help!!!

I have not shown love as I should. I am working on it. This will take my lifetime I am sure. Until then please forgive me.

I praise God for our new day so that we may begin again. I praise God for his Son, Jesus, who already paid for my sinful selfish lack of love. I praise God that He forgives me daily. He knows I would never be able to do this EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER. Whew! I am so glad he KNOWS me.

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  1. Great post! This is something every Christian needs to remember. How often I fail in showing love the way Christ admonishes me to do so! So glad that He is a God who loves the right way all the time! BTW, love the new look for your blog!!!


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