Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I am back.....

...maybe. Life has been blessedly busy. I remember last when DH was deployed and how desperately lonely I was everyday. It subsided as I made friends but that took months and months so most days were alone, most night were alone. I will never again complain about too busy. Too busy means you have a life. Too busy means you have friends and the biggest problem you have everyday is deciding what NOT to do so you don't overdo it.

Trust me, too busy is a blessing in comparison to too lonely. So hug your friends and family. Thank them for being a part of your busy life. They are a blessing from God. Enjoy every minute and don't worry so much about keeping up with the "things" around you.

Now I am off to QUICKLY tidy the house so I can have friends over tonight and get some quilting done. Before that I have to make phone calls, do some marketing for the biz, and maybe cook some dinner. Thank you, thank you, thank you, LORD for my busy blessed life.


  1. So glad to have you back!! And yes, you are so right...too busy is SO much better than too lonely! When my dh was deployed...you were one of the dearest friends to me during that time so I know what it means to great friends! Looking forward to catching up with my busy friend!

  2. HI there! Thanks for stopping over at me olde blog. I so agree with you about living a blessed busy life. I can't imagine it any other way - my prayer is to remain very conscious during it, and not to miss the beauty in the small moments.


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