Tuesday, January 04, 2011

I will try to be brave....

and follow where I pray the Lord is leading me. He leads me out of my head, out to the land of people. I hesitate because when out there before I was knocked about, so much that I retreated. I still have bruises but I am compelled by what I can only assume is the Holy Spirit because I know it is not me.

I have moments of full out yelling "NO" inside my head but I still go. From experience I have learned you will eventually do what God wants you to do. The yelling doesn't change anything. *See Jonah and the Big Fish*

Part of moving forward is posting on this blog. I have some other things to work on but today it is just this blog. Tomorrow I am going to let my husband be right all day long, even when he isn't.

May you do something brave today too.

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