Thursday, February 17, 2011

Extreme Couponing–Just Beginning

In December I received the Couponizer with my Clever Container Kit (  This is a young company that does direct sales like Mary Kay, with organizing products.  It was perfect fit with my professional organizing business.


The Couponizer I had seen in magazines and wondered if it really worked so I was excited to try it out.  It does work well and I like the fold out/sorting thing.  At first I thought it was silly but it does a great job getting you organized.

I always found clipping coupons tedious and overwhelming.  I usually went impulsively to the grocery store because we were in dire straits trying to throw dinner together at the last minute or out of diapers.  Then I just walked through grabbing what we needed. I usually missed something and paid for it, literally.

A budget has motivated me to get even better and the Couponizer was just what I needed.  This year we will be Gazelle Intense!

I was finally over being that weird lady in line with 50 coupons.  Motherhood and a tight budget does that to you.

I read websites (my favorite so far is Southern Savers), printed extra coupons, picked up extra newspapers (free on post), and started clipping.


My savings didn’t seem to be paying off at first.  I thought maybe I was using more ink and paper than I was saving.  Then I found Extreme Couponing.  What?!  I am ready to be extreme.

You clip, clip, print, print, follow sales, and over time you can get stuff for almost nothing.  If you find something on special you can use multiple coupons and then stock up.  So if toothpaste is usually $2 and on sale plus a coupon it is $.35, buy as many as you can with your coupons.  The key is OVER TIME you save.  It isn’t instant.

Suddenly my Couponizer wasn’t big enough.  I switched to a notebook with clear protector sheets.  I used the same categories from the Couponizer and I still use the fold out sheet to organize them.  Some couponers don’t cut them out and keep a huge file, but I find it too confusing if I don’t.  Do what works for you.


Southern Savers does a lot of the work for you by tracking sales.  Most of these sites like Southern Savers I follow on Facebook so updates come thru my newsfeed daily.   New coupons and new sales will post first on Facebook. 

For military shoppers you can go online at and follow the links to the commissary.  There specials and prices are posted there so you can see if it is cheaper there or at your local grocery store.  They also put extra coupons buy items at the commissary and you can grab a few there.  Sometimes they are military store only, sometimes they are manufacturer coupons.  Be sure to check.

It feels like a big game of cards, deciding what to use, when to use it, and whoever saves the most or spends the least wins.  I like card games.

My last trip to the grocery store I used 45 coupons that added up to $32 in savings.  The cashier did not look happy.  The woman in front of me had almost as many coupons as I did.  I wanted to high five her but I held back.  I wasn’t ready to be that weird.


(This is me getting ready for the store)

Today I am making a list and getting my coupons together.  Harris Teeter is having double coupons for the next week.  I may be a little too excited about this.  I will let you know how I do.

P.S. I do find this quite confusing but am determined to save. Also, don’t do this the first few times with kids in tow and a huge list.  You will give up and spend more than you normally would.

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  1. How fun! I used to be an extreme couponer too, but have let it lapse the past year and a half. I got such a kick out of finding deals. You should share some of the deals you received to make us all drool. :) I'll never forget the time I got General Mills Cereal Bars on sale for $1.25 a box, and had a $3 off coupon if you bought two. So... I bought 2 and was actually PAID 50 cents to try them. Nice. :)


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