Friday, February 18, 2011

Extreme Couponing - Harris Teeter Update


So here is my Harris Teeter haul.


3 Gallons OJ, 2 ID Coffee Creamers, 2 Chuck Roasts, 2 Schiff Move Free 120 ct., 5 Barilla Pastas, 1 Simply Lemonade, 6 Boxes Green Giant Frozen Veggies, 8 Green Giant Steamers, 4 Grands Biscuits, 2 Grands Cinnamon Rolls, 2 Crescent Rolls, 1 Kraft Singles Cheese Slices, 2 Kleenexes, and 3 Top Ramen.

I paid $99 and saved $94 according to the receipt.  I used 15 coupons (the limit was 20) and could have been more if the items had been there.

Admittedly not the best I could do.  I grew impatient with the list and could have printed more coupons.  Also, some of the items I needed/wanted were sold out on Day 2 of the sale.  I think I will try again at the first of next week after they have had time to restock.

And finally, I wasn’t the only crazy coupon lady in the store with her notebook.  There was one younger mother with 10 x’s more coupons than me and her smaller quieter children were sitting patiently in the cart.  Mine were begging to go home before we left the driveway.  I coveted her binder of coupons!  Forgive me.  She was not the only one though.  Many frugal shoppers were in the store that day.  I am not alone.

I am still pleased with the purchases.  All of these items are things we use regularly and needed.  I am determined to do better.

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  1. I cracked up at the part where the kids were complaining before you left the driveway! SO TRUE!!!


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