Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday–THE OVEN!

I have a short list of cleaning chores I HATE. 

The Oven

See I told you it was short.  (The moderately dislike list is longer)

To avoid the chore even longer I often vacuum, yes vacuum, out the burnt food crumbs on the bottom just to make myself feel better.  My smoke detector is disconnected in the kitchen because I set it off A LOT with the dirty oven.  Really, last 4 or 5 places I have lived the smoke detector was disconnected in the kitchen.  Not safe but saved my marriage.  It really really really really irritates the hubby.

I would like to say that I am not a terrible cook who constantly burns stuff.  I am just DSC01215forgetful and maybe lazy.  I forget that certain dishes run over and don’t feel like making another pan dirty to put unde r it and just stick it in anyway.

So this morning, while still in my jammies and possessed with a desire to feel like something has been completed this week I dove into my dirty oven. 

I thought about before pictures but realized I would be embarrassed to show how bad I let it get.  So here are the aftermath and end result pictures.

DSC01216I used this cleaner from the dollar store on the recommendation of my neighbor.  She used it 2 weeks ago and her oven is immaculate.  Mine did not turn out so perfectly.  I think is has something to do with my previously stated problem, unwillingness to clean at all.  I also think baking soda and a really good piece of steel wool would have worked just as well. 

I ordered new drip pans on Amazon because the current set are rusting out.  I also ordered a liner for the bottom of my oven.  I had no idea these existed.  The guilt I can avoid is worth every penny.DSC01212

I am also saving up for a new stove/oven slide-in range that I will just take with us from post to post.  I have one at our house in Texas but it is currently being rented out (the house not the oven).  One of these days I will just trade out with the TX house and take my flat surface double oven slide in range with me.  I cried when I left it behind.

Now I am going to put some good lotion on my hands.  I also often forget to use rubber gloves Sad smile.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

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  1. The ONE time I cleaned my oven, I broke the light inside by spraying the oven cleaner on it!


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