Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blogging outside

I am a notorious indoor person.  I think it has something to with me being allergic to grass.  No part of me can touch anything green and plant like without some fairly itchy result.  I have been like this since I can remember.  I am also not very tolerant of insects and North Carolina is FULL of insects.  We have a large number of trees on the rental property which only increases the insect population, at least I am told.  I think it has something to do with the ability to hide from the birds.

But, as providence would have it I have been blessed with boys.  Boys have a need to be outside and should be.  It is healthy and good for their development, motor skills, social skills, dirt skills. I love watching my boys outside.  Now that we have this other laptop I can blog and watch my boys play outside. 

I don't know why it brings such joy to watch them coast up and down the driveway happily, but it does.  Perhaps because I know they are content enough to play without intervention.  They need the occasional "good job" and a few requests for "mommy look at me" but for the most part they are happy.

Well, although they are happy that computer is about to not be.  The rain is coming as it often does in North Carolina.  So I better run inside!

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