Wednesday, September 09, 2009

New blog name

Okay, in the interest of privacy and good taste my DH has asked that I change the name of the blog again.  I was trying to remove my first name but I suppose I can't do that since it is tied to the url of the actual blog.  I know most folks use their first name but mine is rather unique and I have only actually met one other person with my name.  It was called Kenna's adventure but the seemed rather, well lame.  Zappleliscious is starting to annoy me as well.  Thoughts, suggestions?

Kennazapple came about in an odd way.  Z is my initial for my last name and Kenna apple was what my grandmother always called me.  She still does when she can remember that I am there but it was a fond memory from childhood.  I was the only grandchild that had a nickname.  So I want to keep the "apple" part of the name because it makes me feel special and connected but what to do with the rest.

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  1. Hi, Kenna.

    I'm from the reformed women group. Stopping in to say hello.

    I love the idea of "apple" in the name. Also, I like "Zapple"--maybe a play on both names.

    You can call your blog anything, even if your url is your name. So, your blog could be "Mommy and Kids," but your url is your name. OR, you could check to see if blogger has assigned your blog name to a url: you would check to see if "" is taken. Finally, you can buy (for as little as $10/year) a unique url ( if it's available that will point to your blogspot url. So, there are ways to get around the naming issues.

    I've been blogging for 1.5 years and am just now kind of getting "the bug" to make it fancy and unique.

    I'm following you now. Looking forward to reading more.


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