Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I have a confession....

I don't like snow days! There I said it. I feel so much better now that you all know. I can stop trying to sound happy.

Ok, I do think the snow is pretty when it is falling. I do love how it quiets everything outside. It is peaceful. 5 minutes later I am over it.

As a child skipping school made them wonderful, like recess ALL DAY. I never worried about cleaning or cooking, I just played with my sisters and layed around all day.

Now I am on the other side of it, with 3 boys. Have I mentioned that boys are different than girls? They go nuts, begging at 6:30 am to go outside in the snow. Then every 10 minutes, "Can we go now?". Once you finally let them out they return 15 minutes later COVERED in snow which they track through the house running to tell you they have been hit in the face with a snowball and can you please spank their brother.

DH has been home too. He was on the end of leave and the snow days pushed it back 1 1/2 days. He was already a little stir crazy being home for 2 weeks. Extra time just made it worse.

If we lived further north I am certain this would be different. But we don't. I don't buy snow gear because, well we get snow 2 maybe 3 times a winter. This is the 2nd and it is January. I may have to hit some sales this week for snow boots.

The other reason, my routines are completely off. You know that rhythm of laundry, meals, school, picking up toys, and generally responsive calm children. Yeah, tossed right out the window into the snow.

I know, relax enjoy it. I tried, then I stepped in cold snow in the hallway in my socks. Good news, it is melting and DH is going back to work today. Woohoo!

Next post, on how selfish I am.

1 comment:

  1. LOL!!! You are so funny sometimes girl! Yuk with the whole snow in the sock thing! Take care my friend...and I will sorta be glad when it clears out too!


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