Thursday, January 13, 2011

Where is your office?

As a stay at home/work at home mom/wife/woman do you have an office? I used to work prior to the monkeys with my own tidy desk, door to close, and quiet peaceful moments of consecutive thought. It was MY OFFICE. Everyone could tell with my name on the door.

My husband never came to the office nor did he insist that he "work" on my computer. I didn't have to put work off because someone was watching iTunes again nor did I accidentally roll my chair over a paw.

Carving out space at my new job is difficult because I NEVER EVER leave my new office and it is much larger. I am the VP of Operations, Logistics, Human Resources, Continuing Education, Finanaces, and Catering. I have held this job for over 11 years now.

My employees are in the training phase. I was told I cannot fire them, although it crosses my mind every now and then.

So with questionable "help" and so many different jobs, I decided to turn my living room into my office. I needed room to keep an eye on one employee. He is a whiz with the computer, but only enough to get himself in trouble. I think he likes the VP to watch him do stuff. He is also easily distracted.

The other two employees are a lot alike. Being almost the same age (15 mths apart) they work well together but their productivity is really down.

The final 3 are a little like a security camera that isn't recording. It looks like security but really they aren't doing anything. They are often caught napping and have been written up for stealing items from the break room.

Even after all that, it is the best job in the world. Plus, I think the President of the Co. is really cute.

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  1. Wow, you have been at it again...I need to drop by your house every few days to make sure I can tell where you have rearranged things! It looks great! You have done a great job!
    Take care my friend...


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