Monday, February 21, 2011

Cancelled Due to Sickness


I don’t know how other bloggers handle these events as we are mainly SAHM with no assistants or maids or nannies.  But when I get sick the world around me comes to screeching halt.

Many times we are blessed with a helpful compassionate husband who steps in the best he can.  And we appreciate that run to the drugstore and his best efforts at getting the kids in bed.

However, there is nothing that can make the sickness go away.  It started last week and finally made its way to me.  We are guessing the flu but I am not going into the doctor’s office to find out.  We always catch something else and this was plenty.  We are mostly recovered, fevers gone and aching less.  The stuffy nose and sinus pressure are sticking around just for kicks.

But this means there was no Cheesecake Saturday as all our plans were cancelled.  I also did not get one organizing project done unless you count the laundry marathon going on today.


(These are all clean BTW, waiting to be folded)

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