Monday, February 21, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday-All Tied Up


DSC01034If you are like me then you are surrounded by cords.  Everything plugs in, syncs, or charges these days.  We have a surplus of power cords, usb cords, audio/visual cables, cables for televisions and computers, adapters, data cords, etc.  It is a challenge to keep it organized.

DSC01033I regularly go through the piles to thin it out but inevitably it spreads across the house as devices die or move.  Another issue we face as military is moving which means we might need that cord at the next house.

Today I organized the piles.  First I found everything around the house and garage.  There were several locations that developed as I have tried to organize over the years.

Next my husband went thru the pile disposing items we no longer used.  Below is what was left after the decluttering.  2 large boxes to one small pile!

DSC01035Then he wound each cord, zip tied it, and sorted according to type.  He had to do this because I have no idea what each cord does or if it was important.  I placed each type in a plastic bag and labeled it.  We ended up with 6 different bags. I thought about just writing with a sharpie on the bag but it wouldn’t show up as well as the white label.

DSC01036Large easy to read labels will prevent digging through the box and putting new cords away easier in the future.  Items left out  were too large for a plastic bag or in their own bag and unique so easy to identify.

Finally, I put them sitting up with the labels showing in this Rubbermaid 10 gallon bin I bought at Lowe’s last year.  I put this bin on the storage shelf next to the door going into the house coming from the garage.  Then I labeled the bin and dated it.  The date was so I would know the last time I decluttered it and when it is time to do it again. 

DSC01040This is a busy door and it is easy to reach.  Because we look for cords once or twice a month it is best to keep it convenient.  Otherwise I am more likely to either forget where it is or put off a task because it is too hard to get the box down.  I feel much better now and I have some free space in the office.  I wonder what I can put there next week.

Tackle It Tuesday Meme


  1. You just gave me a great idea on how to tackle our cord problem. We've got a huge box of misc cords. What a mess. Thanks!!


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