Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thankful Thursdays–Aprons

Donna Reed and June Cleaver had it right.  The women of that decade were wise in the use of aprons.  Did you see the dresses they were cooking in?


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I know we have better washing machines and more durable fabrics but saving money and clothes is always important.  I am on a tight tight tight budget.  I don’t have time or funds to replace clothing.  This is not to say I am a pig.  But I also cook, clean, raise boys, have 5 dogs (we were down to 3, long story), one guinea pig, and actually leave the house.  Stuff happens.

“But Sgt Z don’t you know all the handy dandy tricks for getting stains out of fabric?”

MShomekeeeping.handbookYes, I do.  I have the Martha Stewart “I have a bazillion hours in one day” Homekeeping Handbook with the very clever chart. (Okay I actually love the book but who are we kidding? It is very informative and useful but requires you have time to actually do the home keeping.)

So in light of my predicament and my unwillingness to part with certain clothing I am embracing the apron.  Join me, won’t you?

BlackstripedapronI have 3 of these aprons now.  I just ordered them off Amazon and they look like they can take a beating.  They are by Chef Works. I originally ordered one but quickly realized they get dirty hence their usefulness.  So when one is dirty and you only have one then you have no aprons. (Did you like that story problem? Can you tell I work with a 2nd grader on math everyday?)

Seriously, this seems small in the light of important wonderful miracles of life we contend with daily.  But sometimes you are just thankful you don’t have to change clothes again or can walk out of the house and not be embarrassed you never noticed the stream of soda/ketchup/spit up/chocolate/milk/cheese down your shirt because you haven’t looked in a mirror since your kids got you up at 5am.

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  1. I adore aprons! I have a stash of vintage ones that I rarely dip into - this needs to change! They're not super practical, but they save my jeans on baking day. :)


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